GOCL extends support in training Telangana State Intelligence Department on explosives and security measures

GOCL Corp Ltd, a leading conglomerate with business presence in energetics, commercial explosives, metal cladding, electronics, and specialized products for defense and space, organized a day training program for Telangana State Intelligence Security personnel on explosive detection and disposal. This work shop enables the personnel with practical exposure on wide range of new age explosives and detonators, live demonstration on blasting of detonators and detonating cords, across the portfolio of Ordinary, Electric, and Non electric detonators to understand and execute safety measures during unforeseen times.

Mr. Kiran Rai, Principal of IITA, Moinabad (Addl. Superintendent of Police); Mr. Tasvir Qbal, Director General of Police (VIP Security Wing) and Mr. Anil Kumar, Addl. Director General of Police (Intelligence) were part of the training program, supervising the Institution.

Mr. Shaik Khadar Sharif – Instructor & Reserve Inspector, led the training at the GOCL factory premises. He was in charge of the batch of 41 trainees and 5 instructors at GOCL’s factory premises.

Speaking on the importance of this event, Mr. Pankaj Kumar, CEO, GOCL, said “We are obliged to be a part of the exercise as it provides a practical understanding to these unsung heroes to deal with real-world circumstances at ground level during bomb disposal and anti-sabotage situations. We are committed to the state and the country at large, and take pride in being part of this program while they are steadfast to safeguard the peace and harmony of the state. We have ensured the training to encapsulate all aspects of quick detection, disposal and other safety measures at times of crisis.”

The induction training is led by The Integrated Intelligence Training Academy (IITA) in Moinabad. The training model of GOCL, focused on subjects like Safe Handling of Explosives & Detonators, Disposal of Explosives & Detonators, Precautions and Safety Measures, Safe Transportation of Explosives & Detonators, Practical Live Detonating and Measuring Velocity of Detonators (VOD) the induction program was attended by 47 personnel from Telangana State intelligence department

GOCL Corp began training programmes in 2014 and has since trained a total of 13 Batches, totaling around 650 members.