From Waste to Art and From Art to saving our future- A Unique Effort by the M3M Foundation

Gurgaon: Two main intersections of Gurugram, Khusboo Chowk and IFFCO Chowk, have been adorned with two massive sculptures made of scrap metal by the collaboration of M3M Foundation and Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA). These are not ordinary sculptures; they have been made from scrap metal. Sixteen artists selected under the Sankalp program from various states of the country have made these sculptures. Great sculpture artists like Sushil Sakhuja and Anuj Poddar, whose sculptures are given as gifts by our honourable Prime Minister of India to the representatives of other countries. They have given a tangible form to the vision of Dr. Payal Kanodia, the Chairperson and Trustee of M3M Foundation. In addition, three more important sculptures made from industrial and plastic waste will soon be seen by the residents of Gurugram.

The M3M Foundation has always been committed to environmental conservation and will continue to be so. Under its Sankalp project, the M3M Foundation makes various efforts for environmental conservation. This sculpture is a tangible representation of these efforts. It relentlessly strives to create new dimensions in the fields of environment, water, education, and health. The giant bird sculpture installed at Khushboo Chowk is made from approximately 3000 kilograms of industrial scrap and will make you realize that the tiny birds chirping in our homes are now on the verge of extinction due to the radiation emitted from mobile towers. The silent appeal to save them will definitely be heard.

The approximately 4000 kg Honeycomb structure made from industrial waste installed at IFCO Chowk and the one-ton weight bee convey the message that humans need to save them for their own future. If these bees become extinct, a silent apocalypse will wipe out human existence from the earth. To save ourselves, we need to protect these bees. To secure our future, we need to give them a better present and protect the environment.

In addition, an art installation called G20, made from plastic waste, will also be installed at HUDA Chowk by the M3M Foundation, which sends a message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam along with a call to make the earth plastic-free. At the AIT Chowk, a 22-foot hand made of industrial waste holds up the earth, and two supporting hands will remind us that we have only one earth, which we need to save together and protect the environment.

The message for all of us is that we should keep ourselves healthy as much as possible, and cycling can help us to stay healthy. A sculpture of a Cycle and Cyclist will be installed at Rajiv Chowk to convey this message. This will help reduce traffic on the roads and control the consumption of natural resources like diesel and petrol, which will also have some impact on pollution caused by them.

Honourable MLA Shri Sudhir Singla of Gurugram praised the efforts of the M3M Foundation while inaugurating the sculpture of Sparrow He said, “If we all work together towards protecting the environment and our fellow creatures, success will follow. “

Meanwhile, Mr. Subhash Yadav, Additional CEO of GMDA, said that they will extend all possible support to the efforts being made by the M3M Foundation in the direction of environmental conservation.

GMDA provided full support to create this sculpture, and they received complete assistance from M3M Foundation and The Hyphen to build these giant sculptures on their land.

Dr. Payal, the Chairperson and Trustee of the M3M Foundation, said; “We are proud that not only have we been able to incorporate the talent of these young artists into the industry, but we have also taken another step towards environmental conservation under our resolution program. M3M Foundation is always committed to doing better work in the field of environment, water, education and health and we will not only take young artists but also other organizations together to do more great work.”

As per Sushil Sakhuja, the mentor of these young artists, it is commendable that the M3M Foundation has given these artists a platform. He says that the foundation’s sensitive vision towards the environment is a reflection of their own thoughts, and they will continue to make efforts to enhance this reflection in every possible way. The M3M Foundation honoured these 16 artists and Sushil Sakhuja with certificates of appreciation.