EXZOD to deliver 10 lakh pallets in the next three years

Mumbai, April 13, 2023: EXZOD India, a leading player in pallet manufacturing, sale, and Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services, is expected to deliver an additional 10 lakh pallets in the next three years from the current delivery of over 8 lakh pallets, which would take the company’s pallets count to 18 lakhs and make the company a leading pallet manufacturer in the country.

EXZOD will facilitate this delivery from four of its manufacturing plants located in Punjab, Maharashtra, Haryana and Telangana which are equipped with state-of-the-art automatic pallet manufacturing machines. This makes the company pan India pallet manufacturing and enhances the delivery and servicing capabilities of the company. This would further enable the company to consolidate its position to sign large brands, logistic parks and other 4 PL companies who have pan India presence and this would act as an entry barrier for new entrants.

According to Nitin Kalla, founder & MD, EXZOD India, “We foresee a huge demand for pallets from a cross-section of industrial sectors be it pharma, automobile, FMCG, logistics, supply chain and other industries. Our early estimates indicate that over 10 lakh pallets will be required in the next three years. We are confident of meeting this demand.”

Kalla further adds, “As Indian businesses get integrated with global supply chains, there is a huge potential from Indian companies, especially Small and Medium Enterprises to scale up and this itself will lead to a demand in pallets.”

EXZOD manufactures wooden pallets and they are customized depending on client requirements. The company is equipped to provide pallets for a variety of industrial uses. The company also specializes in the sale of refurbished pallets which help to reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment.