Eveready’s latest TVC

25th July, 2023: Kolkata, India: Eveready Industries India Limited (EIIL), the renowned leader in innovative lighting solutions, launched its latest TVC, ‘Kya Baat Hai’, over the weekend, featuring the groundbreaking product, the Eveready Emergency LED bulb, INSTACHARGE. Emphasizing the product’s exceptional capabilities, the TVC was launched across Television, Print, and Digital mediums in over six languages. Conceptualized and crafted by Brand David for Eveready, the TVC aims to showcase the product’s instant charge technology, highlighting its significance in everyday life.

The TVC opens with a young man who has just returned home from a tiring day, requesting his wife for tea. Upon receiving the tea instantly, the man astonishingly compliments her speediness, exclaiming ‘Kya Baat Hai’. The wife then claims to have purchased India’s fastest charger to which the husband again asserts ‘Kya Baat Hai’. The husband asks her to charge his phone battery but just then there’s a power failure. The film demonstrates the value of INSTACHARGE, the Emergency LED bulb, in everyday scenarios where the bulb’s smart features ensure uninterrupted illumination and a sense of security to its consumers during power failures, consolidating its position as a category leader.

Speaking about the brand’s leadership, Mr. Mohit Sharma, Senior Vice President & Business Unit Head – Lighting & Electricals, said, “In the realm of Lighting and Electricals, Eveready stands proud as a category leader. Our commitment to illuminating lives is exemplified through our revolutionary Emergency LED bulb, ‘INSTACHARGE’, a beacon of hope during uncertain times. The Eveready INSTACHARGE Emergency LED bulb represents a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity while being committed to sustainability and energy conservation. The TVC beautifully captures the essence of our product’s groundbreaking features and how it seamlessly integrates into our customers’ lives, ensuring their safety and well-being during unforeseen circumstances. The new TVC enables us to further create growth and awareness for this category.”

Mr. Prashant Shukla, Senior Manager-Marketing and Communications, Lighting & Electricals, further added, “At Eveready Lighting, we believe that everyone deserves access to cutting-edge technology that enhances their daily lives, and the INSTACHARGE Emergency LED Bulb embodies that vision. Our new TVC, ‘Kya Baat Hai’ integrates efficiency, reliability, and safety, revolutionizing our customers’ lighting experience. The campaign is reflective of what our products actually stand for – quality and innovation. The brand film’s interesting take on the need for an instant source of light during power failures will definitely strike the right chord and build recall. With ‘Kya Baat Hai’, we are confident of strengthening the brand’s position in the market as well as our relationship with our target audience.”

Commenting on creating the brand film a Spokesperson from Brand David, said, “At Brand David, we take immense pride in creating impactful narratives that resonate with audiences. Our collaboration with Eveready to bring the ‘Kya Baat Hai’ TVC to life has been nothing short of electrifying. The TVC brilliantly captures the essence of Eveready’s INSTACHARGE Emergency LED bulb, ensuring uninterrupted illumination and a sense of security during power failures. We believe that through creativity and innovation, we can truly make a difference, and ‘Kya Baat Hai’ exemplifies our dedication to lighting up the country, one bulb at a time.”

Designed to revolutionize emergency lighting, the Eveready INSTACHARGE is a state-of-the-art LED bulb equipped with cutting-edge instant charge technology that combines energy efficiency with advanced emergency features, ensuring the utmost safety and convenience for consumers during power outages. When connected to the power source, the bulb charges itself and remains ready for use during unexpected power cuts.

The newly launched campaign is currently live in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada across television, print, and digital platforms.