India, Bengaluru, July 25, 2023 – Ennoventure Inc., a leading covert anti-counterfeit solutions provider, introduces new authentication features, Serialised Encryption and Encrypted QR Code, designed to empower brands across various industries to secure their products and combat counterfeiting. Ennoventure’s state-of-the-art SaaS platform, Enncrypto, revolutionises the authentication process by adding invisible signatures directly onto the product packaging which can then be scanned using a smartphone to verify authenticity. This breakthrough solution ensures the integrity of brands while providing advanced analytics to track product scan behaviour across geographies.

Among the notable features introduced in Enncrypto, is Serialised Encryption, a groundbreaking solution that embeds a company’s logo or artwork with invisible signatures, along with a unique QR code. This serialised encryption empowers companies to effortlessly track authentic products throughout their complex supply chains, ensuring the traceability of each item back to its original source. By eliminating counterfeit and substandard products from the market, Ennoventure’s Serialised Encryption bolsters consumer confidence and safeguards brand reputation.

Ennoventure’s Enncrypto also includes the innovative Encrypted QR Code feature, which embeds invisible signatures within a QR code, making it extremely challenging to replicate. This technology offers versatile use cases, such as brand authentication and engagement. Companies can leverage the encrypted QR codes to provide consumers with crucial product information, including audio formats for details like side effects, allergen information, and ingredients. Furthermore, brands can adopt sustainable practices by replacing traditional paper instruction booklets with electronic leaflets, educating consumers about effective product recycling and reuse measures, thus reducing carbon footprints.

Karan Rai

Speaking about the new features, Mr. Karan Rai, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Ennoventure Inc., said, ‘’We are delighted to introduce cutting-edge authentication features that empower brands to safeguard their integrity and enhance product authentication. With Enncrypto, companies can ensure that consumers have access to genuine products while gaining invaluable insights into consumer behaviour. Our serialised encryption and encrypted QR code technologies redefine product traceability, enhance customer engagement, and drive sustainability efforts. We are confident that Enncrypto will be a game-changer in the fight against counterfeiting across industries.’’