Johnson's® Baby

New Delhi, July 26, 2023: Parenthood is a journey filled with immense love, dedication, and unwavering promises. From the moment a parent discovers they are expecting, they form a deep connect with their baby to always protect its skin and ensure its well-being from day 1. Johnson’s® Baby, a pioneer in baby skincare, recognizes and celebrates every parent’s powerful commitment with its latest campaign, ‘Promise, pehle pal se’.

As a brand which has partnered with parents for generations, Johnson’s® Baby recognises their promise to help protect their baby’ skin from day 1. Johnson’s® Baby wholeheartedly partners with every mum and dad to help safeguard their babies’ skin. Guided by a mission to create the safest baby products, Johnson’s® Baby brings decades of knowledge and science building a strong foundation to choose only ‘Baby safe’ ingredients and to create formulations that are tested to help protect the delicate skin of a baby. The products are backed by rigorous scientific research, with formulas tested by paediatricians & dermatologists.

The brand’s latest marketing campaign, ‘Promise, Pehle Pal Se’ captures this unwavering commitment ‘Designed with Only (Sirf aur Sirf) “Baby Safe Ingredients’ to help protect baby’s delicate skin from day 1.

Through a heart-warming advertising film, viewers are immersed in the world of new parents as they joyfully engage with their baby, committing to introduce and surround the baby to only the good things in the world. The film showcases a mum and dad’s small yet choiceful decisions they take everyday to deliver on their promise of providing their baby with nothing but goodness and helping protect the baby’ skin.

Reinforcing the brand promise, Mr Manoj Gadgil – Business Unit Head & VP Marketing – Kenvue said, “Ahead of the campaign, Johnson’s® Baby reached out to over 15000 mums from every part of India, different cultures and backgrounds to understand their promise to their little ones. There was one resounding promise which went beyond boundaries and cultures, a promise to protect their baby. Based on this common purpose, Johnson’s® Baby strongly commits to mums to help fulfil their precious promise to their babies.”

“Over the years, Johnson’s® Baby as a partner to parents has consistently worked towards delivering the best for babies. As a brand with products that first touch a baby’s skin, we understand our responsibility. We remain focussed on creating products designed with only ‘Baby-safe’ ingredients to exceed safety standards to deliver our promise to every parent.”

Godwin D’Mello – Executive Creative Director, DDB Mudra Group said, “The birth of a child brings out the optimism in every parent to create a world full of positivity for their little one, where only good things exist. This observation, delivered through the emotional hook of the mother’s promise on day 1, helped us talk about Johnson’s role in helping her keep that promise.”

The highly anticipated ‘Promise, Pehle Pal Se’ campaign goes live on July 25 across prominent television channels, digital platforms, and social media networks.