Dr. Pratik

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Pratik has been honored with the prestigious Young Scientist Award for his exceptional contributions to the field of research. The award was presented by the Council of Academic Research and Educational Organization, recognizing Dr. Pratik’s groundbreaking work and dedication to advancing knowledge in his area of expertise.

The Young Scientist Award is a testament to Dr. Pratik’s unwavering commitment and passion for research. His relentless pursuit of excellence has significantly impacted the scientific community and contributed to the advancement of his field. His innovative approaches and remarkable findings have not only enriched our understanding but also hold immense potential for practical applications in various industries.

Expressing his gratitude, Dr. Pratik humbly acknowledged the unwavering support of his mentors. He also extended his heartfelt appreciation to the entire team, whose collaboration and teamwork have been instrumental in achieving this milestone.

As a dedicated researcher and scholar, Dr. Pratik was recently invited to deliver a keynote address at the esteemed International Multidisciplinary Conference held at the M.K.E.S. College of Law, Mumbai. His speech on the Need of Anthropogenic Intervention in achieving Sustainable Development captivated the audience and shed light on the vital role of human intervention in promoting sustainable practices worldwide.

Dr. Pratik’s recognition with the Young Scientist Award and his notable presence as a keynote speaker at the conference are a testament to his immense talent, dedication, and scholarly contributions to the scientific community.

Congratulations poured in from colleagues, peers, and well-wishers, who acknowledged Dr. Pratik’s achievements as an inspiring example for aspiring young scientists to follow.