Indian companies’ supply chain leaders are essential in bridging the nation’s supply chain landscape’s gaps. These companies have optimised operations and cut costs by developing transparent and effective platforms that connect manufacturers, suppliers, and enterprises effortlessly by encouraging ethical supply chain practises. Following are 4 such brands:

ShakeDeal – One of the top B2B commerce sites in India for industrial goods, Shakedeal serves as a link in the supply chain between businesses and manufacturers. Their wide selection of products, efficient logistics, and prompt deliveries help businesses strengthen their supply chain and procurement. Through the use of technology, cutting lead times and costs for clients, the brand is bridging the supply chian gaps in the industry.

Stellapps – An innovative agritech company in India, Stellapps specializes in dairy technology solutions. With the use of AI-driven platforms, they provide dairy farmers with up-to-date information on cattle health, milk production, and quality. Stellapps’ cutting-edge technology has transformed the dairy industry, leading to increased efficiency and profitability for farmers.

Intugine – Intugine is an innovative platform that offers real-time visibility and digitalization for businesses’ logistics operations. By utilizing advanced technologies like IoT, AI, and data analytics, Intugine enables companies to optimize their logistics, improve efficiency, and make well-informed decisions. With its user-friendly interface, the platform ensures smooth monitoring and management of shipments, contributing to a more efficient and agile supply chain.

SupplyNote – SupplyNote is a prominent provider of supply chain solutions in the F&B industry. Leveraging AI and data analytics, they enable data-driven decisions, enhances inventory management, and fosters better supplier relationships. With real-time tracking and end-to-end transparency technologies, Supplynote boosts efficiency, minimizing errors, and empowering businesses to concentrate on strategic expansion.

Indian supply chain brands are driving transformation by addressing gaps in the industry. By utilizing technology, data insights, and collaborative platforms to improve logistics, reduce lead times, and optimize procurement processes, they are contributing to the industry’s growth. These innovators set new standards for a sustainable and connected supply chain network in India and the country is witnessing their growth!