The concept of sustainability is commonly separated into three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known colloquially as profits, planet, and people.

As time goes on, more people are accepting the value of sustainability. Although the concept of sustainability is widely understood, still all of us have not adopted it yet.

Today, in this article we will explore how we can be part of this revolution, and what sustainable products can be used to be part of #beingachange. From new materials to innovative packaging, there are a lot of brands that are working towards changing the face of the sustainable products industry. Read on to learn more about the sustainable products of the future and how you can start using them today.

Boon: Boon (formerly known as Swajal) Boon is a water-tech startup with a mission to use innovation for impact. Boon is about celebrating water the way it should be. Boon was founded by Dr. Vibha Tripathi and Advait Kumar  started with the development of the unique product WaterATM® which was deployed widely for social impact and to bring affordable drinking water to the masses. Currently, plastic water is damaging the environment and health while existing water purifiers are extremely inefficient and reduce the mineral content in water. Boon’s water purifiers are up to 4 times more efficient than standard purifiers and can have up to 3 times more minerals. This technology was later deployed to enable hotels and offices to remove plastic bottles from their premises. Boon has led a revolution in replacing plastic bottles from hotels with sustainable glass water bottles with its innovative systems with the Zero Mile Water ™ concept. This technology is also deployed in hotels and offices to remove plastic bottles from their premises. Boon has led a revolution in replacing plastic bottles from hotels with sustainable glass water bottles with its innovative systems with the Zero Mile Water ™ concept.

Bambrew: Bambrew is a Bangalore-based startup founded by Vaibhav Anant in 2018. It is a one-stop innovative solution provider for sustainable packaging in India. It provides a variety of goods that are 100% handmade, reusable, and the ideal natural replacement for single-use plastics in the B2B market with the goal of eliminating plastic usage in the packaging business. Every item created from bamboo, sugarcane, and seaweed is carefully selected by the company. Today, Bambrew, which doesn’t use chemicals or pesticides in its production, contributes to preserving more than 1500 tonnes of plastic usage each month. It is the only business that targets the top global players in E-commerce & Retail, FMCG, F&B, Pharmaceutical, and other industries that significantly contribute to the production of plastic waste. The team at Bambrew is strong and has a wealth of knowledge in the supply chain, design, and packaging industries. Bambrew plans to leave its mark in numerous Indian towns and other countries, overcoming many ups and downs along the way.

Uppercase: A sustainable travel accessories brand, founded in 2021 by Mr. Sudip Ghose is a design-first and environmentally sensitive travel gear brand for the young that helps them not only look or feel good but also do good. The brand creates fashion-forward products such as backpacks, messenger bags, duffles, gym bags as well as travel bags that are both fashionable and sustainable. The products are made up of premium recycled plastic bottles to ensure the highest durability standards. The company offers 750 days of warranty on backpacks and 2500 days of warranty on luggage.

Katharos Foods: The plant-based cheese produced by Katharos Foods is 100% natural, wholesome, and produced without the use of any preservatives. Jasmine Bharucha is the founder of Katharos Foods, which was founded in 2021. The brand’s USP is that the component used to manufacture cheese is obtained from plants and seeds. The firm combined cutting-edge plant biochemistry and in-depth food science. It is a top supplier of vegan food products made from plants that don’t contain dairy, oil, preservatives, chemicals, stabilizers, or emulsifiers. Cheese that is not only tasty and meets your protein needs (14g) but also fills a void for high-quality non-dairy goods.

Nona Lifestyle: Incepted in 2016, Nona Lifestyle is a design for the delivery customized corporate merchandising brands providing end-to-end supply chain solutions to corporate houses and brands.

At Nona Lifestyle, the brand uses fabric made out of recycled cotton, recycled poly, organic hemp, cork, vegetable tanned, alpaca wool, bamboo linen & QMilk. All of this raw material is sourced from compliant sustainable manufacturing companies. The companies are approved by sustainable corporate governance and are also responsible for scrutinizing as per the sustainable policies. Apart from the fabric, the safety gears that the brand provides are also sustainable. They recycle used helmets, and gloves and refurbish the material to create a new ones.