In today’s interconnected world, brands are increasingly recognizing the power of youth and are actively engaging with them to drive positive change. From promoting education and skill development to addressing social and environmental issues, several brands are stepping up to empower youth and pave the way for a brighter future. Following International Youth Day, let’s take a closer look at 4 brands that are making a significant impact by empowering the younger generation.

1. mPokket – mPokket, a digital lending platform catering to college students and young working professionals is on an endeavor to empower the underserved youth of India. It offers various avenues of support, such as extending personal loans to address financial challenges, promoting employee well-being through flexible work policies, advocating for financial independence by offering accessible loans and valuable financial advice, and have also provided a platform for young talents to showcase their abilities. mPokket aims to empower, uplift, and equip the youth of India for a more self-reliant future through small-ticket loans.

2. Xiaomi India – Xiaomi India has partnered with the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) to launch Skillpreneurship Learning Centres, focusing on enhancing economic prospects for youth. The initiative aims to provide training in areas like mobile phone hardware, wearable devices repair, and TV repair. The project will begin with 600 young individuals from districts in Karnataka and Maharashtra. Xiaomi India will establish EDII Xiaomi Skillpreneurship Learning Centres in Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai, equipping candidates with the latest skills for better job prospects.

3. TECNO – TECNO, a pioneering technology brand renowned globally, has established its presence across more than 70 countries spanning five continents. Through its seamless integration of contemporary design and cutting-edge technologies, TECNO has been a driving force in revolutionizing the digital experience in emerging markets. They have recently partnered with the reality show ‘India’s Got Talent’ on Sony Entertainment Television. This collaboration aims to empower young talents in India, aligning with the show’s tradition of discovering hidden talents across the country.

4. Samsung India – Samsung India has concluded its artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data courses as part of its CSR program, ‘Samsung Innovation Campus,’ for a batch of 190 students in Hyderabad. The program aims to empower less-privileged youth by upskilling them in future technology domains and contributing to India’s digital growth. Through partnerships with educational institutions and government collaboration, Samsung plans to upskill 3,000 youth in areas such as AI, IoT, big data, coding, and programming.
By focusing on education, skill development, financial empowerment, and innovative initiatives, these brands are not only shaping individual lives but also contributing to the overall progress of society.