Bethany alumni

Bengaluru, 28 June 2023: Bethany Institutions, one of Bengaluru’s most prestigious educational institutions, recently hosted a grand alumni reunion, Re-U-Knight 2023 to commemorate its 60th year. On 24th of June 2023, the campus came alive with its former students basking in an atmosphere of nostalgia, laughter, and camaraderie.

The morning kicked off with breakfast and a nostalgic morning assembly that brought back cherished school memories. The air buzzed with excitement as alumni from different batches roamed the school hallways, reminisced together, shared stories, and stood, hand over heart to sing the school song. Re-U-Knight 2023 garnered an overwhelming response, with over 1,000 attendees eagerly embracing the opportunity to reconnect with their old teachers and friends.

To add a touch of friendly competition, the alumni were divided into teams and they enthusiastically participated in games and activities, based on their respective school houses. Bethany was ecstatic to have one of its first students David Martin in attendance, a true testament to its milestone of 60 years and the enduring legacy forged within its walls.

In the evening, the reunion transitioned into a glamorous affair at Hotel Royal Orchid, Domlur with alumni dressed in their finest attire and ready to dance the night away. The evening’s festivities kicked off with the induction of the new President of the Bethany Past Students Association, Ramesh C.V. The rest of the event was complete with old friends reconnecting over delicious food, drinks, karaoke, and dancing accompanied by the live band, Crown Tree.

“A beautifully planned and executed event that gave me an opportunity to spend time and offer love and gratitude to my incredible teachers and the entire team at Bethany. It was even more special because my alma mater celebrated 60 years of enriching students’ lives. It was an evening to remember and I am looking forward to next year’s event already” Says former student Nivedita Kannan of ICSE 2003, ISC 2005 batch

“The whole day from the morning assembly to the evening get-together was priceless, timeless and a memory that is unforgettable!”, says Dr. Akash Ryall, Director, Bethany Institutions. The event marked Bethany’s biggest alumni gathering to date, and the institution anticipates this number to continue growing in the coming years.

The Bethany alumni reunion not only celebrated 60 years of excellence but also reaffirmed the impact of Bethany education in shaping the lives and careers of its students, creating a network of accomplished individuals who continue to make their mark in various fields.

Bethany Institutions remains committed to fostering a strong sense of community among its alumni, ensuring that the bonds forged during their time at the institution remain intact. As the years go on, the institution eagerly anticipates hosting even grander reunions, strengthening the ties that bind Bethany alumni together and continuing the legacy of excellence for generations to come.