Kolkata, 14th August 2023: Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in collaboration with Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate organised the closing ceremony of Baaghini 2, a woman empowerment programme, on Saturday, 13th August 2023 at Sister Nivedita University campus. The main goal of the event was to empower women with self-defence skills that boost their inner and outer confidence. Esteemed dignitaries like Smt. Krishna Chakraborty, Mayor of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation, Mr. Gaurav Sharma, IPS, Ld. Commissioner of Police, Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate, Mr. Bishop Sarkar, IPS, DC Newtown, Ms. Charu Sharma, IPS, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Detective Department, Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate, Mr. Biswajit Ghosh, IPS, DC Bidhannagar Police and Ms. Susmmita Das (Biswas), Additional Director, Indian Chamber of Commerce were present for the event.

Alluding to the success of Baaghini 2, Mr. Gaurav Sharma, IPS, Ld. Commissioner of Police, Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate said “The response has always been very overwhelming. I started the Baaghani project while I was in-charge of Siliguri and expanded it here . Initially, we started this project as a self defense course but we decided to include legal knowledge and the workings of the police department and due process because even we felt that only training women in self defence is not enough. If they have no apprehension of the police department, the purpose of the project is not served. That is why we have extended this course over the weekend. Young Baaghini’s undertook the training and knowledge to become more informed and self dependent. They spent time learning unarmed combat, self defense, basic laws concerning women and police functioning. It is part of our duty to create trust amid them so that they can come forward to report crimes without fear. We want these women to be independent, have mental strength and not to tolerate any crime against them. They will get support from us because this is the law and procedure.”

Speaking on the project, Smt. Krishna Chakraborty, Mayor of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation, said, “This initiative has been very encouraging for young women. They have been trained in self defense tactics , basic law for women and police working procedure. Such initiative instill a sense of confidence and prowess to fight adversaries and help these girls become independent. The second chapter of Baaghini has received overwhelming response from the participants and we believe the same spirit will be seen in upcoming projects too.”

Commenting on the event, Mr. Susmmita Das (Biswas), Additional Director, Indian Chamber of Commerce, said “Women are powerful. They just need ignition and this programme acts as that spark. Women don’t have the right platform and lack in awareness, which are equally important. Even five months back, the Indian Chamber of Commerce was not aware of Baaghani. The police department, especially the commissioner of Bidhannagar, has believed in us to carry out this project. We believe that the more this project expands, the more awareness it will create among young women. Its importance is multi-faceted as it teaches self-defense and aids to boost physical health. These skills are important as they make us stay healthy and also help develop decision making skills.”