Sparsh Ganguli, India Head, Astus Media

25th July, 2023; Mumbai, India: Astus Group, a global media trading company, is delighted to announce the official launch of its independent office in India. It will be spearheaded by Sparsh Ganguli, who joins as India Head. Sparsh has over 25 years’ experience working for agencies and media houses including Star, Sony, BAG Films, and has been instrumental in creating the partnerships required for launch. His expertise in the Indian advertising ecosystem and launching media trading companies in India will help Astus in creating the value for clients and media owners.

Originally founded in London in 2003, alongside the Indian office Astus has presence in 20 countries with over 300 clients and trades over US$400m annually. Astus works with advertisers to enhance their media budget using their products or services. Astus work across FMCG, Airlines, Automotive, Telecoms, Tourism, Food & Beverage, Hotels, Events/ Hospitality, Electronic Goods, Entertainment, Education and Charities. This is done in full collaboration with Clients’ agencies to ensure they get the media they want and the value Astus creates is implemented alongside the client’s communication strategy to enhance the overall value delivered back against the brief.

The Media Agency remains in control of the media planning and buying process at all times ensuring the quality is never compromised.

Astus also works with hundreds of Media Owners across all media channels, working in association with them to offset their hard cash costs and bring them business which complements their existing channels. Astus does this by enabling Media Owners to trade their soft currency or media space for goods and services they need. This means we can generate media with additional value which we pass on to our clients in the form of incremental product sales

Astus believes that by following this above process, it brings more value, and transparency, to not just their clients but also to media owners and all other stakeholders involved.

Speaking on the development, Astus’ Joint Chairmen and founding members Frances Dickens (who was recently awarded the OBE on the King’s Birthday Honours List for Services to Media Trading) and Paul Jackson, said, “We are fully committed to India as a market where we can help deliver incremental value for advertiser, agencies and media owners alike, ensuring that all parties get what they want as part of the process. We look forward to deepening our existing relationships and growing many more new ones over the coming years.”

Sparsh Ganguli, India Head, Astus Media, added, “Astus solves a real problem for clients who had to previously compromise on media to offset redundant or slow-moving products. In my experience working with clients and media houses in India, Astus business model can create synergies to enhance the efficiency of each media plan and add value to both parties.”

Sparsh’s appointment comes with immediate effect and will directly report to the founding members. He will be based in Mumbai.