Mumbai, 3rd July– Introducing astt, a visionary agency that is redefining the world of brand management. With a strong belief that “every brand has a story to tell,” astt aims to be a leader in promoting a sustainable work culture while positively impacting the growth of its clients through its unique marketing approach.

Founded by Sakshi Sasane, astt was born out of a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to create a lasting impact in the industry. Drawing from Sakshi Sasane’s six years of experience as a successful manager in various businesses, astt was formed with a clear vision and a team of professionals who are not only experts in their respective fields but also open to new ideas and innovation.

The inspiration behind astt stems from the founder’s belief that brands are like small babies, requiring nurturing, love, care, and proper support to grow and thrive. With a mission to position brands in the market as epitomes for others to follow, astt stands as a pillar of support for its clients, providing the guidance and expertise needed to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape.

astt’s vision is to dominate the market by fearlessly standing up for its clients’ visions. Their team, known as “a story to tell,” places a high value on brand voice and the journey behind each brand. With astt as their partner, clients can expect unwavering support, strategic thinking, and a focus on achieving tangible results. astt aims to set a positive example in the industry, promoting a healthy work-life balance and valuing relationships with both clients and employees.

As a budding entrepreneur, Sakshi Sasane faced numerous challenges, including a lack of support and financial constraints. However, these obstacles only fueled Sakshi’s determination to succeed. By building a strong network and leveraging valuable experience gained from working with highly notable figures around the industry, Miss. Sakshi developed a deep understanding of the importance of discipline, personal branding, and the power of choice.

The best part about being an entrepreneur, according to Sakshi Sasane, is the freedom to choose one’s own path and build a dream life. To succeed, budding entrepreneurs should embrace discipline, focus, and a calm mindset, making choices that align with their visions and aspirations.

Scaling up astt will involve prioritizing quality over quantity, working with clients who appreciate the value of the agency’s services. With a clear focus on the company’s vision, astt aims to leverage media power and networking opportunities to expand its reach and establish itself as a brand of its own.

The response to astt’s entry into the industry has been overwhelmingly positive. The agency has already garnered a roster of quality international clients who are reaping the rewards of astt’s unique storytelling strategies and expertise.astt’s brand positioning revolves around being a soft-hearted agency with strong-minded individuals. The agency is known for its rich company culture, client satisfaction, and a profound belief that people are brands and brands are people.

While challenges exist in terms of competition and the growing agency culture, astt is confident in its ability to overcome them. By prioritizing work-life balance, valuing employees, and focusing on quality clients, astt differentiates itself from the competition.