New Delhi, 7th April, 2023: TechVariable, an IT services and consulting company that aims at transforming the IT landscape in Northeast India, witnesses a 2x growth in 2022. The Assam based IT firm was founded in 2015 and since then has been operating successfully in the market even being bootstrapped. Given their history, it is clear that they have been able to keep up with market trends and developments while still remaining relevant. Also, the business has been able to expand its operations, hire more staff, and take on additional clients over the years.

TechVariable is an end-to-end software services company consisting of a dynamic team with the best of talents. It was founded in Guwahati, Assam, with the goal of strengthening the IT ecosystem of Northeast India and developing a platform that would allow Assam’s indigenous IT population to work closer to home. The company has set plans to work with all of the Training and Placement cells of all the institutions in Assam and the Northeast to enhance and create industry exposure as well as bring the curriculum up to par with industry standards.

“We have been able to carve out a niche for ourselves, create a solid presence in the industry, and grow and expand our activities over time. With its expertise working with renowned companies, TechVariable has managed to create a solid reputation for excellence as a service provider in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. It has also helped start-ups to grow and become successful, and has been able to maintain good working relationships with the clients.” said Nilotpal Boruah, the CEO of TechVariable.

Prior to 2017, the company had a number of clients, including prestigious institutions of higher learning, and had been able to provide effective outcomes in North-eastern India. The business was able to broaden the scope of its clientele outside of Northeast India and started working with foreign clients as well, mostly Fortune 200 businesses in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. The fact that the company has managed to develop a name for itself as a capable service provider in its industry is a significant milestone. It’s also worth mentioning that they have collaborated with startups that have subsequently raised series funding.

Also, the end-to-end software services provider has customers who have been with them for more than two years, which is a promising indicator . Its two prominent clients namely, Clinify Health and KPISOFT, are in the HR-Tech and healthcare industries, respectively. The business has experience in these fields and has been successful in satisfying clients in such industries with its services.

Furthermore, TechVariable has also collaborated with Tanzania’s Zanzibar Ports Corporation, which launched a project to digitalize Malindi Port in Zanzibar. The project intends to improve the Malindi Port’s services and facilities in order to draw in new investors and strengthen the local economy. The project will also create a safe and dependable environment that will promote the efficient movement of products and services into and out of the port.