Ash King, Gaurav Dagaonkar, and Aditya Pushkarna to judge India's First ever Toplining Contest by Hoopr - “SingToSync”

Mumbai, March 29th, 2023: Hoopr, India’s leading music licensing platform, is proud to present “Sing to Sync” India’s first-ever Vocal Toplining Contest. The competition aims to empower singer, songwriters and anyone who has the talent to create original tunes to become the next big Sync.

Toplining is a process where a singer writes and composes vocals over a given backing track. Hoopr is providing an opportunity for anyone to take part, regardless of language or genre. The contest is a testament to the company’s dedication to discovering and nurturing new talent and showcasing it on the global stage. Notably, the “Sing to Sync” contest also has a noble cause of unlocking a new potential source of income for the budding artist community in India.

The judging panel consists of renowned music director, songwriter, and singer, Gaurav Dagaonkar; British singer, songwriter, and composer, Ash King; and music composer, Aditya Pushkarna.

This toplining contest is yet another venture by Hoopr that aims to promote and showcase the immense musical talent in India. The company has already had several successful releases under its ‘Hoopr Originals’ banner including ‘Cozy’ by Rupinn Pahwa, ‘Kyun mein Kahoon’ by Abhinav Singh, ‘Yo Baat’ by Shubhangi Tewari and ‘Mehendi Te Vavi’ by Shriya Pareek.

“We are excited to present this opportunity for the music community in India. Hoopr has always been committed to empowering artists, creators, composers across the board and ‘Sing to Sync’ is one of the many ways for us to give back to the artist community. We are really enthusiastic about providing a platform to empower talented singers across India by offering a platform to showcase their skills. Furthermore, we want to ensure that we give these singers not just a platform but also opportunities to unlock a new source of income.” said Gaurav Dagaonkar, CEO and Co-founder of Hoopr.

The contest ends with attractive rewards and prizes where the winner will get INR 40,000 and a Hoopr Original Music Video. The first runner-up will receive INR 20,000, while the second runner-up will receive INR 10,000. All the winners also get a contract guaranteeing future toplining opportunities.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Singer-Songwriters, the steps are fairly simple to win 40,000 bucks and many more exciting opportunities”, added music composer Aditya Pushkarna.

The deadline of the contest is the end of the month, although it was originally planned to be on March 25 but due to popular demand it has been extended until the end of this month, allowing the participants plenty of time to enter and show off their toplining skills!