AICTE and Meta collaborate

New Delhi, July 29, 2023: The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Meta have come together to introduce the groundbreaking “Creators of Metaverse” program, an ambitious initiative focused on preparing India’s youth for the immersive technology future. The program was officially unveiled at the AICTE headquarters in New Delhi on July 28, 2023, representing a significant stride in cultivating a skilled workforce in Extended Reality (XR) technologies. The initiative will be managed by 1M1B.

The “Creators of Metaverse” program aims to equip 100,000 college students and 20,000 faculty members with crucial knowledge and technical expertise in Augmented Reality (AR) through the innovative Meta Spark platform. Spearheaded by the AICTE Training and Learning Bureau (TLB), this initiative holds the potential to revolutionize India’s education landscape while nurturing a spirit of innovation among the youth.

Distinguished executives from AICTE and Meta were present during the launch event, sharing their insights on the future of work and emphasizing how the program will empower youth to become creators and innovators, fully prepared for the job market of the future. The event also showcased inspiring AR projects created by students during the program’s pilot phase, underscoring its capacity to shape rewarding career paths through the captivating world of immersive technologies.

Key stakeholders in attendance included Prof. (Dr.) T G Sitharam, Chairman of AICTE, Prof. Rajive Kumar, Member Secretary of AICTE, and Dr. Ramesh Unnikrishnan, Advisor, AICTE. Representing Meta were Natasha Jog, Head of Instagram Policy & Policy Programs, India, and Shivang Raina, Policy Programs Manager, India, reaffirming the government’s commitment to promoting technological advancements in education. Ruchi Khanna Arora and Shivam Agrawal from One Million for One Billion (1M1B), the implementation partner, were also present to lend their support to the initiative.

Addressing the launch event, Dr. TG Sitharam, Chairperson of AICTE, expressed, “The ‘Creators of Metaverse’ program is a significant initiative towards preparing the youth for the jobs of the future. The partnership with Meta is a major stride towards driving innovation and skilling India’s workforce for the Metaverse era.”

Simultaneously, Meta reiterated its dedication to engage with over 10 million students and one million teachers in schools across India, focusing on digital citizenship and AR-VR education. Natasha Jog, Head of Instagram Policy & Policy Programs, India at Meta, conveyed her enthusiasm about the program, stating, “Through this program, we are excited to nurture the next generation of problem solvers, creators, and solopreneurs who will harness the power of AR to bring innovative solutions. We are committed to empowering youth to be job-ready by equipping them with the latest technological skills through a comprehensive program that covers their journey from college to the professional world.”

The Creators of Metaverse program provides an immersive learning experience for students to explore the world of AR and unlock their creative potential. This gamified program spans over ten days and encompasses a 20-hour curriculum, including instructor-led sessions, group mentoring, and project-based assignments. Students will have the privilege of working with industry-grade AR software tools and resources, bolstering their portfolios, expanding their professional networks, and gaining invaluable virtual workplace experience. Additionally, participants will receive support to become certified Meta Spark creators through exclusive guidance from mentors for the Meta Spark Creator Exam.

Through this dynamic initiative, AICTE and Meta reassert their commitment to empowering the future generation, positioning India at the forefront of the Metaverse revolution.

AICTE actively engaged with social media, tweeting about the launch and sharing updates with the Ministry of Education, amplifying the reach and impact of the “Creators of Metaverse” program.