Mohneesh Saxena

Delhi, 20th May 2022: SS Supply chain Solutions (3SC), a Gurugram-based advanced supply chain analytics company, is on a development spree. Within nine years of its inception, 3SC has established new benchmark in the supply chain industry globally. Bringing new technological innovation to enhance the business of supply chain analytics, 3SC is foraying in global markets and keeping that in mind they are hiring a new team for leadership roles.

Mohneesh Saxena is appointed as Chief Product Officer (CPO) of the company with the vision of enhancing its product line and expanding further in the global market, 3SC is developing new hiring channels to attract and develop a diverse talent pool.

Welcoming Mohneesh Saxena on board Mr. Lalit Das, Founder and CEO, 3SC said “We are glad to onboard Mohneesh to the team who will play an integral role in taking the expansion plans to the next level in the upcoming growth year and will contribute to achieving the company’s goals. We are dedicated to providing complete analytics solutions to the supply chain space”.

Mohneesh Saxena has 10+ years of experience in Digital Product management with leveraging the knowledge of networks and collaborative innovations. He believes design thinking & agile development led to fast, scalable, flexible, and frugal solutioning to complex business problems.

While talking about his new role at 3SC, Mohneesh Saxena said “I am glad to join the position of CPO at 3SC. Since 3SC is a unique combination of SaaS, Analytics as a Service (AaaS) offerings coupled with a global Control Tower & Supply Chain Operations team “this brings competitive advantage to 3SC to be able to help its customers Design their network, Build it and also Run it for them. And this excites me more”.