23rd June 2023, New Delhi: While Indian Prime Minister Modi is on his state visit to United States of America on invitation of President Biden, many collaboration and partnership areas got firmed up during India-US Summit at Washington, D.C. on 22nd June 2023. Giving analyst perspectives on recent state visit of Indian PM Modi to US and the partnership areas which got discussed and agreed upon by PM Modi and President Biden, analyst 5JR (5 Jewels Research) believes 2AI is biggest take away of India-US Summit at D.C.. 2AI , which means Artificial Intelligence plus America-India partnership, recently seen into action during Indo-US Summit at DC, and also during last night speech of PM Modi in joint session of US Congress.

Giving his analyst perspective on recent India-US Summit at D.C., global AI thought leader and Chief Analyst of 5 Jewels Research Mr Sumant Parimal said “When we analyze chronology of events happened during the state visit of Indian PM to US and bilateral talks held between PM Modi and President Biden at Washington D.C., Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a strongest collaborative force in American Indian (AI) partnership, which is like 2AI moment for the World. And I believe this 2AI is biggest take away of India-US Summit at DC held yesterday”.

“As per Joint Statement from the United States and India issued yesterday at White House, American Indian partnership statement focuses on developing AI Tech. in defense and security, healthcare, education, commerce & trade, communication, startups, energy, sustainable and equitable development for mutual benefits as well as for the benefits of the humanity. In addition to AI Tech., other emerging technologies like Quantum Tech., DPI (Digital Public Infrastructure), Cybersecurity, High-Tech.-Semiconductor, Space Tech., Clean Tech. also got into bilateral partnership agenda between two countries, where again AI roles becomes significant. So, if we see entire bilateral agenda for America India partnership, AI Tech. along with other emerging Techs. dominates the future of partnership between these two large democratic countries. And we at 5JR believe that this 2AI moment would be propelling biggest innovation and sustainable developments not only in America and India, but shall be also benefiting other countries and regions, as per India’ call for One World One Family approach during its G20 presidency. 2AI shall also strengthen vision of ‘India Stack’, which is already evolving” Sumant Parimal adds further.

Mr Sumant Parimal, who earlier advocated for deployment of a million robots on Indian borders for safeguarding country’s international borders, has also hailed deal announced between American Defense firm General Atomics and Govt. of India for procurement and supply of MQ-9B HALE UAVs, and feels that such defense robots and drones, should be also inhouse developed and manufactured for securing India’s economic growth as well as India’s security. And he believes that this partnership between General Atomic and India, is going to be a trigger point in such inhouse technology development, manufacturing, and deployments.

Analyst 5JR further believes that recent announcement by US based Micron Technology, Inc., to invest up to $825 Million to build a new semiconductor assembly and test facility at Gujarat in India with incentive support from the Indian government, is a great move to de-risk the High-Tech. supply chain, and believes that this investment announcement is in line with 5JR’s earlier estimates of $2T investments requirements in High Tech. capacity build up outside China conflict areas to de-risk supply chains.

In yesterday’s released joint statement by US and India, Quantum Information Science and Quantum Tech. emerged as one of key areas of partnership and U.S. pledged to make its best efforts in support of India’s Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) joining the U.S. Accelerated Data Analytics and Computing (ADAC) Institute.