Ivy Growth Associates

IVY Growth Associates is set to organize Startup Summit ‘21 by 72’ in Surat. It is expected that more than 200 startups and investors will join the mega event. Our team reached out to the company leaders ship to learn more about the event.

  1. What is IVY Growth Associates? Tell us about your company.

IVY Growth Associates is a group of leading investors in the startup sector with a vision to mark its impact on the global startup ecosystem. The company was established by Sharad Todi, Shubhangi Toshniwal, Anuj Toshniwal, and Rachit Poddar. The platform plays a crucial role in mentoring, incubating, and accelerating early-age startups. It works collaboratively towards framing a sustainable and scalable startup ecosystem. The platform is looking forward to making the Indian startup ecosystem ready for 2030. IVY identifies the capability of any early-age startup through its three to six months long acceleration program. After completion of the program, the company makes these startups market-ready by providing them with the right strategy, mentoring, marketing and fundraising.

  1. Do you think the government’s flagship missions like “Vocal for Local” and “Make in India” can add positive value to the Indian startup ecosystem?

Yes, I think schemes like “Vocal for Local” and “Make in India” have boosted the domestic startup ecosystem, with a core focus to create a self-reliant economy. Early-stage investments in potential startups have also propelled the startup ecosystem. They are now being viewed as promising investment options. We aim to invest in about 500 startups by the end of 2030, keeping in mind the present government’s mission of ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Make In India’. Additionally, IVY Growth Associates has partnered with the Atal Innovation Centers and Incubation Centers across the nation, where it will scout the potential startups.

  1. IVY Growth Associates is going to launch the 21 by 72 Startup Summit in June this year. Kindly give us details regarding this event.

The 21 by 72 Startup Summit and Expo is going to be held on 17th, 18th and 19th of June, 2022 at Avadh Utopia in Surat. The summit organized by IVY Growth Associates will exhibit over 200+ startups and investors. It will attract 5000+ attendees from various countries of the world. The summit will host various activities such as pitching events, exhibitions, round table discussions, and 1-o-1 networking. The event is focused on developing the startup ecosystem where national and international investors will get a chance to interact with Venture Capitalists, Angel Networks, and Entrepreneurs from across the world. The summit is planned with a vision to nurture and accelerate 500+ startups in India as well as across the globe by 2030.

  1. Please mention some leading investors/startups/ mentors etc. who are going to take part in this event. Will there be funding given to startups?

Some of the leading investors who will join this summit are – Mahavir Sharma (Founder & Chairman of Rajasthan Angels), Jatin Kataria (Founder & CEO of InMeSta), Sheetal Soni (Managing partner of MI CAPITAL), Shivi Singh (Co-founder & CEO of ClearDekho), Madhav Kasturia (Founder of ZFW Dark Store) and many more. The event will also witness the presence of international investors namely – Khaleefa Alqubaisi, He Marwan Bin Jassim Al Sarkal, and Hilmi Ghosheh. In this 3 days long summit and expo, 25 startups will be given funding of upto $500K (INR 30 Million).

  1. Do you plan to come up with such similar events in future?

Definitely yes. If this summit is successful, we will plan to come up with similar event every year. If required, we will also plan to launch similar such summits globally in order to build and connect the global startup community with each other and the investors.

About the Company:

Founded by Sharad Todi, Shubhangi Toshniwal, Anuj Toshniwal, and Rachit Poddar, IVY Growth Associates is led by individuals having a combined experience of 30+ years in various fields and have collectively invested in 100+ startups. IVY Growth comes with a rich experience of leading funding for early stage startups and mentoring them to succeed. Some of their marquee startups include the likes of BluSmart Mobility, Valuationary, Charge Zone, Revamp Moto, Refrens and BebeBurp.

The company is on a mission to collaboratively join hands, create a pool of investors, and nurture start-ups and hand-hold them throughout the journey. It targets to invest in about 500 startups by the end of 2030, keeping in mind the present Government’s mission of ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Make In India’. The firm has also collaborated with the Atal Innovation Centres and Incubation Centres all across India where they will scout the potential startups. IVY Growth Associates is on a mission to make about 50 startups market-ready with investments every year to deliver value and impact in this decade of transformation.