Hyderabad, November 2022: The instant coffee manufacturer Vintage Coffee And Beverages Ltd.,is pleased to announce that it has bagged orders worth Rs 21 crore to export Instant Coffee to Russia and other CIS countries. These new orders will improve the order book position to Rs 61 crore.

“We are happy to announce that we have bagged export orders worth Rs 21 crore to Russia and other CIS countries. This would not only boost our order book position to Rs 61 crore but also help us to leverage our position in the fast-growing instant coffee market,” according to MrBalakrishna Tati, Managing Director, Vintage Coffee And Beverages Ltd.

The other group companies of Vintage Coffee And Beverages Ltd., are in advance stage of finalisation of orders with European and West African customers for supply of consumer packs which may improve the turnover further significantly.

Since coffee consumption in India is increasingly growing post pandemic and the younger generation is more inclined towards coffee usage, the company along with its group companies are keen to launch coffee products in Soluble, Roast, and Ground forms. This is expected to improve the company’s outlook both on domestic and international front.

Mr Balakrishna Tati has over 29 years of experience in the Coffee Industry. He fully understands the consumer needs, especially in retaining aroma and taste. He has incorporated these elements in the company which has the state-of-the-art equipment such as Probat Group Roaster, 100% automated extraction system and enhanced aroma recovery system to ensure mass customization.

By Prabeen