Sparx launched its Autumn Winter Collection’22 with all new comfort

Sparx, the sport shoe brand, has taken to revitalise itself this season with a refreshed, racy, turbo charged communication campaign themed “Sparx – It’s In Me. Sparx which is a leading brand in shoes has launched 100+ shoes designs in from its Athleisure & Lifestyle collection.

The Autumn Winter collection is developed with modern and innovative technologies to give customers satisfaction. The product provides exceptional comfort, durability, and superior fit. The company adheres to the vision of durability and comfort for the customers and meets their requirements. The brand new Sparx range defines the elite style and elegant colors at economical prices.

The Autumn Winter Collection is available for both men and women in the price range between 999-2499. Following the trends and the dynamic choices of youth, the shoes have been designed to match up with the latest fashion trends to attract customers. The all-new range of Sparx Shoes is comfortable and stylish with the aspect of durability. They are manufactured with a soft and breathable upper material and an additional rugged sole to offer traction for better gripping on the relevant surfaces.

With the new Autumn Winter Collection, brand Sparx has now become an emerging brand at major retail outlets. The collection is available at over 400 EBOs and leading footwear stores and is designed for people who wish to run, walk and follow casual trends. The products are also available online at

By Rekha