New Delhi, July 13, 2023 – Taboola, a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web, today announced the availability of its Generative AI for all Taboola advertisers running campaigns in English.

This milestone follows a successful beta test of Taboola’s Generative AI capabilities, where global brands have used the technology to generate content and copy for ad creative, such as titles, images and headlines. With it, brands have reduced their time spent on generating ad creative and produced high performing creative assets for their campaigns.

More than 80% of brands using the technology ran multiple campaigns driven by Taboola’s Generative AI and select brands have more than doubled the click through rate for their campaigns when measured against evergreen campaigns–driving more customers, improving efficiency and refining their long-term advertising strategy based on Taboola’s AI-driven suggestions.

Taboola’s Generative AI technology has allowed advertisers to increase efficiency and effectiveness for their campaigns, directly within Taboola Ads, based on Taboola’s understanding of consumer intent. With it, advertisers can:

Produce creative copy, creating variations of campaigns titles and headlines that appeal to multiple audiences.
Generate original images, allowing for experimentation and building multiple creatives – to keep campaigns fresh and also maximize seasonal opportunities.
Leverage best practices, with AI built on tens of thousands of successful campaigns that have delivered ROI for advertisers on Taboola.

As part of today’s news, Taboola is opening up its Generative AI capabilities available to any advertiser running campaigns in English, with other markets and languages to follow.

“Taboola’s Generative AI technology has made reaching customers effortless yet effective, saving us time and allowing us to open up resources that can be reinvested elsewhere,” said Michael Cadenas, Growth Marketing Manager, Babbel. “We trust in their AI capabilities because we’ve been long-standing partners and we’ve already seen they have the right reach and understanding of customers to make us successful. The copy that their AI provides performs extremely well for us because it can cater itself to the many audiences we want to reach globally.”

“Taboola’s Generative AI technology has been a game changer,” said Andrew Duffin, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Lucid. “Our team has transformed our advertising with the suggestions that Taboola’s AI has provided, and the best part is that we’re seeing clear results. With their solutions, we’re seeing our campaigns outperform what we’ve done traditionally, plus we’re learning a lot about how to refine all of our campaigns moving forward.”

“The industry and our partners are making it clear–Generative AI is an important next step for every advertiser,” said Adam Singolda, CEO at Taboola. “We’re continuing to see innovators adopt Taboola’s investments into AI because we’re in a unique position to integrate Generative AI–we have the scale of knowledge on which we can train things. Our massive scale makes it clear that for advertisers, we understand every element of campaigns that makes them successful. Advertisers can easily take advantage of those learnings to run successful campaigns and get more customers.”