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Srinagar, May 21, 2022: One of North India’s leading healthcare providers, Max Healthcare announced the re-launch of its exclusive OPD services – The Max Med Center, in the city today.

The Max Med Center was initially launched in Srinagar in April 2018 when OPDs were held for neurosurgery, urology and IVF. In order to cater to the growing need of local residents, the services were expanded to cardiac sciences, oncology, gastroenterology, ENT & general surgery, as well.

With the re-launch of specialised OPD services after almost two years, patients can once again avail the best consultation and primary treatment at Srinagar, without the inconvenience of travelling to another city.

During pre-COVID times, patients from Srinagar, Baramulla, Anantnag, Sopore and as far as Leh-Ladakh region and Jammu were regularly visiting the Max Med Center for consults.

Present at the occasion were senior specialists including – Dr Bipin Walia, Principal Director and Head – Neurosurgery, Neurosciences, Max Hospital, Saket; Dr Vimal Dassi, Associate Director- Urology, Uro-oncology & Kidney transplant, Max Hospital, Vaishali and Dr Bhavna Banga, Associate Director- IVF, Max Hospital, Panchsheel Park.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Anas Wajid, Senior Director and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Max Healthcare reiterated, “Max Med Center had gained popularity over the years as it was operational in the pre-pandemic years. Our specialists were regularly visiting the OPD center to carry out initial work-ups for patients from Srinagar and its neighbouring areas. However, owing to the nation-wide travel restrictions in the past two years, we had to temporarily discontinue. It gives me happiness to return with our key clinicians at this re-launch today. We wish to continue serving the larger interest of our patients in this region.”

Continuing the momentum, experts shared the recent innovations in Robotic-assisted surgeries in Urology, latest advances in neuro surgery and world-class techniques being deployed in IVF and reproductive health. They also emphasised on the need for identification of early symptoms, risk factors, preventive measures and diagnosis of various diseases related to their specialties.

“Several cases related to neurological disorders get delayed in reaching super specialty centers for diagnosis and treatment due to lack of awareness as well as unavailability of super specialists in the neighbourhood. We are hopeful that such delays will be drastically cut with the re-opening of the Max Med Center where experts will be able to recognise early symptoms and accordingly guide patients to our Network hospitals for further treatment and management,” Said Dr Bipin Walia, Principal Director and Head – Neurosurgery, Neurosciences.

Talking about urological disorders, Dr Vimal Dassi, Associate Director- Urology, Uro-oncology & Kidney transplant, “There is an increasing prevalence in tier II cities of urological disorders including prostate related ailments, erectile dysfunction, urine incontinence and male infertility being most prominent among several others. These require immediate attention. This is due to lack of awareness among the people about various precautionary steps, key symptoms and treatment coupled with limited access to high-end healthcare expertise and infrastructure.”

Adding further, explained Dr Bhavna Banga, Associate Director- IVF, “It is commonly believed that infertility is a concern and limited to residents of tier I cities, only. However, various lifestyle modifications and related stress is percolating to tier II and III cities. We have patients regularly visiting our OPDs with infertility related complications. The Max Med Center is a significant step towards identifying this growing need and guiding couples to a qualified specialist to resolve infertility related disorders.”

Starting from today, the OPDs will be conducted for above mentioned specialties for patients on specified days of the month from 10 am to 5.30 pm. The launch will ensure that patients are able book regular appointments for consultations and routine follow-ups related to all these related ailments.

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