M2M Ferries and CPAA Collaborate to Organize Sailing Experience for Children Battling Cancer on World No Tobacco Day

Mumbai, June 2023: M2M Ferries, in partnership with the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA), is proud to announce a unique initiative this World No Tobacco Day on May 31st 2023. In an effort to spread awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco and bring joy to young children battling cancer, M2M Ferries and CPAA have organized an exclusive sailing experience onboard. World No Tobacco Day, observed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and public health champions worldwide, is dedicated to raising awareness about the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocating for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption. The special sailing experience is designed to create a memorable and informative M2M Tour for the children. During the voyage, the young participants will have the opportunity to interact with the M2M Ferries crew, engage in a “show and tell” session, and even meet the captain. This immersive experience aims to inspire and educate the children, making their sailing adventure both enjoyable and informative. M2M Ferries maintains a tobacco-free environment onboard, reflecting their commitment to promoting a healthy atmosphere for all passengers. Devika Saigal, CEO of M2M Ferries, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, we partnered with the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) to organize a special sailing experience for young children battling cancer. Through this initiative, we hope to bring joy and inspiration to these young fighters. We are honored to support CPAA in their efforts to address the challenges faced by cancer patients. Together, we strive to create a meaningful and uplifting experience for these children and their families.” Ms. Alka Bisen, CEO of the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA), emphasized the importance of sustainable agriculture, stating, “This World No Tobacco Day 2023, we request the government to develop strategies to allow tobacco cultivators to shift to growing food crops. We need food, not tobacco.” By organizing this sailing experience on World No Tobacco Day, M2M Ferries and CPAA aim to raise awareness among the children and their families, as well as the broader community, about the importance of a tobacco-free lifestyle. This initiative underscores their commitment to improving public health and supporting cancer patients in their journey towards recovery.

By Prabeen