Patient and staff satisfaction is an integral part of a quality healthcare experience. There are several aspects of healthcare administration such as providing a superlative patient experience, convenience for patient attendants and other administrative staff, analyzing operational information for better decisions by management, quicker turnaround time, and improved service visibility. The healthcare sector has always faced issues like administrative staff accountability, managing patients’ non-clinical requests, lack of patient feedback, and keeping the staff motivated. Therefore, an all-in-one solution to manage inpatient requests, collect insights on turnaround time and service quality, and track staff accountability is the need of the hour.

Eternal Hospital Jaipur is an advanced medical institute that brings the best in multispecialty treatment to the state of Rajasthan. With a capacity of 250 beds, the hospital has state-of-the-art technology focusing on specialties like Cardiology, Neurology, Critical Care, etc. While the hospital is known for its patient experience with a high patient satisfaction score, they wanted to take it a notch higher. The management was looking at innovative solutions to empower patients, increase hospital efficiencies, boost staff satisfaction, and also create better visibility for their inpatient service quality. At BestDoc Concierge, they found an ideal solution for all these challenges.
With the help of BestDoc Concierge, Eternal Hospital was able to manage inpatient requests much more seamlessly, while delighting their patients and patient attendants. With BestDoc Concierge, patients, bystanders, and staff can raise non-clinical requests simply by scanning a QR code or other available modes.

In the initial phase, QR codes were implemented next to 115 beds to streamline the process of raising requests from inpatients, visitors, and staff. To begin with, there was a phase-wise onboarding of departments starting with patients and then moving on to staff. They adopted a focused approach to patient training, which was the key to driving adoption, both amongst patients and staff. The next steps were constant monitoring by hospital administration for maximizing benefits for patients and training support by the BestDoc team for driving product adoption.

As a result, the hospital saw a 55% month-on-month increase in requests raised through Concierge, and also 90% of requests were being raised on QR codes placed next to the bedside. The patient satisfaction score remains stable at above 4.2 (out of 5), and is expected to reach 4.5 soon. There was also an increase in staff satisfaction while the management was able to get clear insights into inpatient operations.

As the staff was constantly monitored, there was a greater sense of accountability amongst them, which resulted in a reduction in TAT. 70% of requests were completed within 30 minutes. In 90% of cases, requests were answered within 60 minutes. there was also a 10% increase in F&B orders, highlighting the ease of accessing food delivery for patients and staff.

Mr. Pracheesh Pandey, CEO of Eternal Hospital Jaipur said, “A multispeciality hospital like ours thrives on patient satisfaction. We have made a lot of efforts to satisfy our patients, apart from the clinical services that our doctors have to offer. BestDoc has really helped us in streamlining our non-clinical services. And we are proud to say that we have improved our patient satisfaction a lot. There’s still a lot more to be explored, and we’ll keep doing that”.

Adding to this, BestDoc CEO and Co-Founder, Mr. Afsal Salu, said, “At BestDoc, we are on a mission to create smoother and more streamlined experiences for patients and supporting staff members. We thank Eternal Hospital, Jaipur for showing faith in the transformative capabilities of BestDoc Concierge. We look forward to supporting Eternal Hospital and other healthcare providers in India and the Middle East to transform their patient and staff experiences with our award-winning technology.”

Eternal Hospital Jaipur and BestDoc Concierge are now on a rapid road to success.

By Sujata