The Shriram Wonder Years sets off the ‘Yellow Day’ event with rambunctious children and guffaws

The Shriram Wonder Years school celebrated ‘Yellow Day’, which symbolises happiness, warmth and sunshine, with tiny tots that are human representations of the same at the school premises.

The children were clad in different shades and tints of yellow like Sunshine Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Trombone Yellow, and Saffron Yellow, which made the event stand out with ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’.

To top it all off, children relished guzzling delicious mangoes. They decorated the school with sun and sunflowers cutouts that signified it as a complete YELLOW DAY.

Shubhi Soni, Head of School, TSWY, Rohini said, “Children are harbingers of growth, geniality, and goodness. We celebrated Yellow Day with our bundles of joy to radiate happiness, and joviality in our environment. It was an amazing view to see children enjoying the Yellow Day to their fullest, bursting into gales of laughter, and displaying their arts and craft talents. The teachers coordinated the program in a wonderful manner and made the event successful.”

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