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Kashipur, Uttarakhand, November 6th, 2022: Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur successfully conducted its Annual HR-Conclave ‘Samanvaya’ 2022- Digital Chapter 3 on Saturday. The event was organized online via Zoom and was also streamed live on YouTube. The event was based on the theme ’Human Centricity: Future of Workforce’

The event began with a welcome of the honorary guests which included, Mr Rohit Sharma, Head of HR Operations at Bayer, Mr Navneet Damani, General Manager Employee Relations at ITC Limited, Mr Vikas Maheshwary, Global HR Transformation at Biocon Biologics and Mr Kiran Venugopal, Talent Services Analyst at Deloitte USI, an alumnus of IIM Kashipur.

The panel discussion on the topic of ‘Consumerisation of HR: Employees as Brand Advocates’ was moderated by Mr Kiran Venugopal. The panelists shared their views on the importance of how organizations and companies are impacted by consumer-oriented technologies and the quality of talents within these organizations, who are key in pushing businesses further.

The panel discussed the significant change in the compositions of teams within an organization or company in these modern times comprising of members from nearly four generations; how these new fresh employees have distinct expectations and aspirations they want to achieve that are rather very different from the past generations and also how work in itself is transforming in terms of its definition; how it gets done in terms of tools, skills and where can this work be done. They further discussed that this was more of an opportunity rather than a challenge that managers could help unleash the new generation accomplish their full potential by using an adaptive design approach where personalized roadmaps in terms of skills, needs, and flexibility are implemented and how a bottom-up approach could help engage more employees and give them a sense of accountability. There should be an environment where employees are proud of their association with a particular organization; where they feel they have a purpose and a sense of belonging and how HR can play a crucial role in it.

The students posed several questions to the esteemed panel regarding the ongoing and upcoming trends of workforce management and the impact of ground-breaking technology on the skill development of employees and the use of analytics tools for the same. The speakers heavily appreciated the active participation of the students in the conclave.

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