Bhopal, 19th November 2022: Vishwarang ’22 leaves Bhopal in trace with an evening of Gazal, Geet, Kavita, and Shayari. Famous poets of the nation recited their work, leaving the audience in complete awe. The roaring applause of the audience made the evening even more special. Sheen Kaaf Nizam chaired the poetic stage. Rahman Musavvir expressed, “Kabhi Bahar Nahi Aati Humesha Parde Me Rehti Hai, Humari Beti Bulbul Hai Humesha Pinjare Me Rehti Hai…” Om Nischal read his compositions, “Mujhme Nadaniya Bachi Hai Abhi, Kuch Kilkariyan Bachi Hai Abhi, Phul Homge Tumhare Bangle Me, Mujhme Kiyariyan Bachi Hai Abhi…,” “Unko Behti Hui Nadiya Nahi Achi Lagti, Muskurati Hui Kaliya Achi Nahi Lagti…,” “Bacha Kar Rakh Lo Bachpan Bhi Bech Dalega, Diwaro Dar Aur Aangan Bhi Bech Dalega…” After this, Alok Srivastava recited his peom, “Ek Neend Khwab Me Rakhe Hue Hai Hum, Yane Kisi Ke Khwab Me Rakhe Hue Hai Hum, Seene Par Rakh Kar Soti Hai Vo Jisko Raat Bhar Apni, Ussi Kitab Me Rakhe Hue Hai Hum…” Meanwhile, Badr Vasti hosted the session.

Purav Rang: An Exilitrating Performance by Janaki All Women Band

With the aim to give a strong and new identity to women’s work in the field of art and music, Dr Shipra Sullere established Janaki All Women Band in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh). The band gave a mesmerizing musical performance of Bhavani Prasad Mishra’s classical poems ‘Satpura Ke Ghane Jungle Bharat Mata Gramvasini…’ and ‘Shahido Ke Majaro Pe Lagenge Har Baras Mele…’

Understanding The Concept Of Translation

Minto Hall’s Mahadevi Auditorium saw a stimulating session on the ‘Concept of Translation’. Speaker A. Arvindakshan called translation a re-generation of content. He also insisted on increasing the volume of translations. Meanwhile, Mr Prafulla Shiledar said that translation is a moral duty. Senior poet, critic, and translator Mr Arun Kamal presided over the session. In his presidential speech, he said, “It is necessary to translate, but it can never be equal to the original work.”

A Walk Down Naveen Chowdhary’s Experience Lane

Premchand Auditorium of Minto Hall held a session on ‘Politics, Stories and Literature’. Naveen Chowdhary graced the event as a guest. Apart from being a marketing professional, he is a well-known writer. His novels  ‘Janata Store’ and ‘Dhai Chaal’ has been well received by the readers. While discussing his book and experiences, the writer said, “Social media has inspired new Hindi writers to move forward.” He further suggested to the audience, “Write better, read more, and meet new people to find new characters.”

“My novel won’t be my last, but it will be large”: Pratibha Rai

A special session hosted a conversation between Padma Bhushan Pratibha Rai and Rajendra Prasad Mishra. While inaugurating the session, Pratibha Rai said that a writer doesn’t write only for himself but for the whole world. Her novel Yagyasaini was the focus of the discussion. A total of 110 editions of this novel have been published so far. Answering a question, she said writers do not write for questions. The writer also said, “I write without any fears because a writer needs to be fearless. I have always written against dissonance and will continue to write.” While talking about films, Pratibha Rai expressed her dissatisfaction and said she isn’t happy with the movies made on her selected stories because they have diverted from the originals. The session was followed by a question & answer round. She ended the session by saying, “My novel won’t be my last, but it will be large.”

Writers & Artists From Across The Nation & World Participate In Various Sessions

The first World Poetry Session saw the participation of Francis Combes (France), Sheetanshu Yashashchandra, Shahnaz Munni (Bangladesh), Sukrita Paul, and Jayant Parmar. They also discussed world poetry and recited their compositions. Meanwhile, Santosh Choubey presided over the Second World Poetry Session. Vedim Terekhim (Russia), Moej, Majid (Tunisia), Nerissa Guevara (Philippines), A.J. Thomas, and Rituraj were also present. Apart from this, Mamta Kalia presided over the session on Indian Women’s Writing: World Vision. Kshama Sharma, Yashodhara Mishra, Pragya Rawat, and Jyoti Chawla participated in the panel. Narmada Prasad Upadhyay, Mahavir Verma, Afzal Khan, Suman Singh and Bireshwar Bhattacharya unveiled the monographs on ‘The Art Of Painting – Drawing and Illustration’. Madan Kashyap (Chairman), Krishna Kalpit, Balram, Gumasta, Suresh Rituparn, Brajesh Amber, Rati Saxena, Mr Prakash Shukla, Brajartan Joshi, and Premchand Gandhi (Moderator) graced the ‘Hindi-Urdu Love Poems’ session. Manoj Srivastava (Chairman), Mukesh Verma, Leeladhar Mandloi, Vinay Upadhyay, Mohan Sagoria, Arun Tiwari, Balram, and Kunal Singh (Moderator) organized a session on ‘Vishwarang’s Worldview and Magazines’. Apart from this, the ‘Meet the Author’ sessions saw Pankaj Subir, Rajni Gupta, Mahesh Darpan, Manoj Roopda, Mamta Kalia, Arpan Kumar, and Arunabh Saurabh’s participation.

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