Bengaluru, 18th May 2023: Vedanta Sesa Goa’s Iron Ore Karnataka (IOK) bagged three awards for its technologically innovative projects at their mines in Chitradurga. The company has won a platinum award for their Mobility based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), two gold awards for IoT based real-time vibration analysis, and slope Stability Radar project at CII’s 3rd National Technology competition. Representing Vedanta Sesa Goa – Mr. Karthik Naik, Mr. Stanley, Mr. Nived Pradeep, Mr. Rahul Verma, Mr. Harshavardhan, Mr. Nikhilesh, Mr. Lalith Nandan, Mr. Biswajit Nayak, Ms. Soumi Halder participated in the competition and won the awards for their respective projects.

The Mobility based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) enables the company to improve the efficiency of their maintenance operations. It allows for real-time monitoring of equipment and facilitates scheduling of maintenance tasks, reducing downtime and increasing productivity by completely avoiding manual intervention that has been in practices conventionally. The IoT based real-time vibration analysis on the other hand helps to monitor equipment health in real-time. The system can detect faults and predict failures, allowing for proactive maintenance, improving equipment performance, and reducing maintenance costs. The slope Stability Radar at Vedanta IOK is first of its kind equipment installed in the Indian Iron ore industry to ensure safety at site by monitoring the stability of slopes in real-time, allowing for early detection of potential landslides and enabling the company to take proactive measures to prevent accidents.

Mr. Navin Jaju, CEO – Sesa Goa, Vedanta Limited said ” Receiving three awards at the CII’s 3rd National Technology Competition is an immense honour for us at Vedanta. Our journey towards embracing technology and accelerating digital transformation with high-tech intervention has entered a new phase and this recognition reaffirms our commitment as a flag-bearer in the mining industry towards innovation and excellence. Moving forward, we will continue to push the boundaries of technology, striving for sustainability in every aspect of our operations. I extend my congratulations to all the winners and commend our Karnataka team for their remarkable efforts towards sustainable operations while ensuring safety and the optimal utilization of our resources.”

Mr. Shrishaila Gouda, CEO – Iron Ore Karnataka, Sesa Goa, Vedanta Limited said, “We are honored to receive these awards, which recognize our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our focus on leveraging technology to improve our operations has been a key driver of our success. We will continue to invest in innovative solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and safety at our site. Kudos to my entire Iron Ore Karnataka team for this commendable feat”

Vedanta IOK was recently awarded with Strong Commitment to HR Excellence Award at the 13th CII National HR Excellence Award Confluence 2022-23 and two awards at CII’s ‘The Challengers Trophy 2022’. The company won the ‘Jury Challenger’ award for Digitized Hauling Operations and the ‘Star Challenger’ award for Fuel Management Systems.

By Prabeen