utility closet

Who doesn’t love to be fashionable at reasonable rates ?

Well, then the Utility Closet has got you covered.

The brand which was initially in the wholesale market for 20+ years entered the B to C market in February of 2021- with the primary objective of giving their customer the best of quality and designs.

Be it a casual outing or a formal day at the office , UC (Utility Closet) has something for every occasion. From minidresses to crop tops, casual tees to jumpsuits, you’ll get it all!

Depending on the outfit they are styling, they use a variety of fabrics for the finest outcome.

And the best part? It all begins from the range of just Rs.500!

They not only plan to launch their ethnic wear line but also add more items to the closet as they plan to open a store at Ebay sometime in the future.

According to UC (Utility Closet), style depends on the customer’s taste, and they are here to cater to it as they also give tips on how to style their outfits! How cool is that?

This Diwali and New Years get ready to dress up in UC’s collection that you can check out on their website.

As the founder states, “We care about our customers more than anyone in the market & we’ve 20+ years experience in
manufacturing distribution & everything is in house production”

Cause from Sunny Days to Chilly nights.. UC is eager to style their customers in the latest fashion!

By Rekha