Slido F-Line42 50C Wardrobe Sliding Systems 2

There is no end to innovation. As long as the human drive to better things persists, there will always be new products or advancement to existing products be it in terms of functionality, design or installation. In fundamental systems like sliding, the simplicity of installation is an important factor to consider along with ease of operation. The SLIDO Range of Sliding Solutions by Häfele has always been instrumental in
pioneering technological advancement as has been proven time and again by the consistent new introductions within this range.

Keeping in line with this tradition, Häfele introduces the new SLIDO F-line42 wardrobe system, that are vorfront sliding systems which provide double sided soft closing and opening feature. Equipped with the new improved Smuso damper technology, this system will let you experience the smoothest and softest movement with every slide.

The SLIDO F-line42 50C (for glass doors with aluminium frames) are Häfele’s in house manufactured and designed systems. One of their kind, these systems are the finest examples of class and sophistication that provide ease of installation and maintenance. Equipped with rollers at the top and bottom, they are sturdier than similar systems in the market. The anti-derailing clips ensure secure operations of doors
that can weigh as much as 50 kg and can have a height of up to 3 meters. The soft opening and closing motions are achieved with the help of individual damper kits, that make for smoother and silent door operations. The design of the system is such that installation and access/ maintenance thereafter of the bottom roller mechanism is simpler. This system is compatible with Häfele’s E-drive to enable automatic
opening and closing.

By Rekha