Store Launch Saroja Yeramilli ( Left) with Shraddha Kapoor ( Right)

Bengaluru, 28 May, 2022: Melorra, one of India’s fastest growing D2C brands, recently announced the launch of its first flagship high-street store in Bengaluru on 27 May. The store was launched by the brand’s ambassador, actor, and influencer, Shraddha Kapoor at Commercial Street. Melorra already has 3 experience centres in Bengaluru currently. The focus of the flagship store will be on experience and creating a destination centre that customers would like to visit. The brand plans to launch 350 more centres pan India in the coming years.

As per a recent Melorra survey, over 90% consumers today prefer buying trendier, fashionable and uniquely designed gold jewellery every day over the conventional chunky pieces. They also claim to miss wearing gold jewellery when it is kept inside lockers and taken out only special days. This is where Melorra is bringing in a differentiation by ensuring that fashionable gold jewellery is available wherever the customer is.

Melorra currently delivers across all 718 districts and pin codes. The brand has redefined the approach towards gold jewellery by ensuring that buying it during occasions is not just auspicious today, but also fashionable every day! With Melorra, customers get a seamless choosing and buying experience including the touch, feel and trial of jewellery.

Saroja Yeramilli, Founder and CEO Melorra

Speaking about this, Saroja Yeramilli, Founder and CEO, Melorra, said, “Melorra has grown upward of 368 crore in FY 22 alone and our aim is to increase this more than 2x in the next one year. The true proof of our growth has been how we have managed to help people pivot from the way they perceive gold jewellery. From starting to buy gold online to now offering harmonized retail, we are happy to present our flagship experience store in Bengaluru, a one-stop-shop for all things Melorra and lightweight gold jewellery. Women today demand jewellery that is as dynamic as their personality and Melorra offers this and more.”

Commercial Street Melorra Store

Talking about this, Shraddha Kapoor, Actor and Influencer said, “Melorra is a brand that has carved a distinct identity in the lightweight and trendy gold jewellery segment. Melorra has created a very peppy, fashion-forward and elegant version of gold jewellery that can be worn anytime, anywhere. As someone fond of wearing vibrant, lightweight gold jewellery that gels with my every day wardrobe, I find Melorra to be the perfect brand. It is this convenience and relatability as a consumer that is at the core of my association with the brand. Bangalore is a highly aspirational city with a large population of working millennial women, and I believe that opening the new store in the city is a perfect move to make the stylish and everyday wear gold jewellery available to the consumers.

Melorra offers lightweight and affordable jewellery (majority of fashionable gold jewellery demand coming from 20-50k price range). This way, they are ensuring that people can dazzle their Instagram feed and also make a style statement everyday through their exquisite gold jewellery. Melorra currently has a physical presence in Bengaluru, Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bhopal, and Noida with the total number of stores standing at 12.

Melorra will also be expanding its retail footprints throughout India in the next few years. So far, the brand has delivered to over 3000 cities/towns/villages in the country and made its mark everywhere – from villages with a population of less than 10,000 to cities with a population above 1 million. With its recently expanded delivery capabilities to the US, UK, Singapore, and UAE, Melorra is making sure that gold is fashionable every day!

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