SBI Foundation extends

Hyderabad, December 5, 2022….SBI Foundation, the CSR arm of State Bank of India, has partnered with Rotary Club of Banjara Hills Charitable Trust for supporting the project “Sparsh Hospice: Centre for Palliative Care” to strengthen homecare-based palliative care program in Hyderabad and its surrounding districts to provide free home-based palliative care services to 1,700 terminally ill patients from socio-economically vulnerable families.

Shri. Sanjay Prakash, MD & CEO, SBI Foundation, inaugurated the project on today at Sparsh Hospice facility.

SBI Foundation extends Rs 3, 13, 75, 800  support  for homecare-based palliative care program at Sparsh Hospice for a period of 25 months ending March 2024.

It has also donated six Maruti Suzuki Vans which cost Rs 42 lakh for the same. The objective of SBI Foundation is to serve the under previliged.  It has projects across India.  It focuses on Education, Livelihoods, Entrepreneurship, Women Empowerment, Environment, Healthcare etc.  It extends support to the extent of Rs 100 to 150 crore every year.  

Shri. Sanjay Prakash emphasised that “the initiative will ensure affordable and accessible palliative care services to the vulnerable and marginalised sections of society through mobile medical van-based homecare services in the region.”

We have chosen Sparsh Hospice for the noble cause, transparency and uniqueness of the project.  Health Care and Skill Building are our to major focus areas, he added.

 India has a huge burden of people suffering from life-limiting diseases. Less than 1% of the population in India has access to pain relief services and palliative care. Population density, poverty, restrictive policies regarding medicine prescription, lack of institutional interest in palliative care, and lack of palliative care infrastructure are some of the major reasons behind the limited coverage of palliative care in India.

 Sparsh Hospice takes care of end of life (terminally ill) patients, typically in the last stages  of  cancer. With  its  in-patient, homecare, and  outpatient  services  we  are caring for 400 patients at any given day. Under its home-based services, which is also  a  practical  option  for such  patients –saving  precious  time,  energy  and resources.  At  home,  the  concerns  of  the  family  can  be  addressed in  relaxed atmosphere. Sparsh   homecare   team   consisting   of   physician,   nurse,   social   worker   cum counsellor and driver enables families in increasing the quality of life by managing the  issues  such  as  physical,  psychological, spiritual, and  social.  SBI  Foundation supported 6 vans every day visit patients home and extend palliative care tailored according to the needs of patients and their families.

Shri Rajaram Chavan, Senior Manager, Health & Women Empowerment, SBI Foundation, Shri Shiddalingesh Ballolli, Coordinator, SBI Foundation were also present during the event, several Rotarians and people behind Sparsh Hospice were present.

By Mansi