Mumbai: 23 May 2022: Petpooja, a restaurant billing software provider, recently announced how it helps staffs take orders and manage the restaurant in their language Marathi. Petpooja has been working in the F&B industry for a decade and is dedicated to developing technology that helps restaurants and their staff in simplifying restaurant management and operations.

Petpooja Point of Sale (PoS) system helps the restaurant staff in taking orders, generating kitchen order tickets (KOTs) for kitchen staff and printing customer bills without much hassle. To help restaurant staff understand the software better and perform efficiently, Petpooja offers the ‘regional language’ feature. With this feature, the entire Petpooja PoS can be customised and translated into any required language, like Marathi. Actions such as ‘printing bill’, ‘printing KOT’ or ‘taking orders’ can be changed into the Marathi language through the Petpooja billing software setting. If you wish to print your bills in English but print your KOTs in Marathi for the regional chefs, the software can be customised to suit your needs.

One of the biggest advantages of changing the language of your PoS in regional languages is that it simplifies tasks for your staff and saves your time in training them. Even the waiter using the Petpooja Captain App can translate the entire menu into Marathi to understand the menu and simplify the ordering process. For large chain restaurants using multiple billing devices, the language of each terminal can be customised as per the biller’s convenience. This important additional feature of Petpooja is free of cost!

Speaking on the findings, Shaival Desai, Chief Growth Office, Petpooja., commented, ‘Restaurant billing software is not limited to just printing bills but assisting the entire operational aspect of it. The main users of the billing software are the restaurant staff who not just have to handle the management but also have to coordinate with the PoS to simplify restaurant operations. And being able to understand the technology in their own language helps staff in simplify restaurant operations as language does not become an obstacle but a tool for improvising performance.’

Petpooja offers advanced restaurant solutions like multi-terminal billing software, free Inventory Management, Online Order Management, 80+ types of Reports(downloadable) & CRM, a Kitchen Display System (KDS), a Captain application and much more! Petpooja powers more than 35,000 restaurants in 140+ cities across India, UAE, and South Africa. Unlike many other restaurant billing software, Petpooja offers 150+ integrations with its PoS. Your restaurant staff would be trained and assisted in Marathi whenever required without hidden charges or extra charges. Petpooja caters to various restaurant brands, ranging from independent outlets to brands with over 200 branches. In Maharastra, Petpooja caters to more than 7,000 restaurants in 60+ cities like Mumbai, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Nasik, Pune, Thane and Aurangabad. Petpooja is used by restaurant brands like Malaka Spice, Cafe Peter, KGN EXPRS, Jumbo King, Uttar Dakshin, Dabba Garam and many more! With its drive to innovate and simply restaurant management, Petpooja wishes to expand its client base in Maharashtra to more than 15,000 in the next 18 months.

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