Mumbai, 07 November 2022 – With inflation rising and higher food and fuel prices impacting Indian consumers, saving money doesn’t mean having to give up traveling. It is a great opportunity to analyze the most cost-efficient travel and booking times for the upcoming vacation season.

KAYAK, the world’s leading search engine, has shared insights on when Indians can travel at great prices to their top 10 favorite travel destinations for flights and on which days they can be advised to book and start their trip.

Saving money here, flying there: looking forward to exploring overseas destinations on a budget

Colorful markets, beaches, and great shopping could be what Indian travelers are looking forward to over the next six months, with the most searched destination for return economy international flights for travel between 31 October 2022 and 30 April 2023 (searches between 10.04.2022 and 10.10.2022) being Dubai, with Bangkok ranked second in the international travel ranking, followed by Bali and Singapore*. Domestically, Goa placed first as the most searched destination for return economy flights followed by New Delhi and Andamans & Nicobar Islands.

Those who have not yet booked their trip and are planning a trip to Bangkok should consider traveling mid-March (13 – 19 March 2023), as they could save about 33% compared to flying during the New Year period. According to KAYAK search insights, it is most affordable to start the trip on any Wednesday* during the travel period.

The idyllic setting of Maldives ranks as India’s 6th most searched destination for return economy flights, with the best time to travel around mid-March 2023. This represents a 49% saving compared to the most expensive period around late April*.

The Canadian city of Toronto rounds out the top 10 destinations, coming in at number 10. The average return economy flight between India and Toronto in the next 6 months is approximately ₹115,323, with the best time to start your journey on a Wednesday*.

According to Tarun Tahiliani, India Country Manager, KAYAK:

“KAYAK’s search data reveals that Indian travelers are keen to travel to international destinations over the next 6 months, with Dubai, Bangkok, and Singapore being the popular destinations, offering comparatively shorter and quicker flights with all the excitement of overseas travel. KAYAK search insights suggest that early March represents a great time to travel with great deals available for international flights. Avoiding the peak travel dates such as around New Year’s Eve can allow Indian travelers to secure the best possible fare price, and we recommend setting up price alerts for your chosen destination to help secure a great price for your holiday.”

KAYAK travel tips:

● Use a travel search engine: KAYAK has the tools and filters to help you find great deals, including the Explore page, which shows destinations by price. Before planning your journey, check the latest travel restrictions in your destination. KAYAK’s travel restrictions map provides real-time updates on COVID-19 restrictions and entry requirements of individual countries.

● Set a price alert: As one of KAYAK’s most popular features, price alerts help travelers save money by alerting them when prices change for a flight or hotel they want. If a flight you’re eyeing drops in price, KAYAK will alert you so they can lock in that new price, instantly saving you both time and money.

● Get flexible: If you can be, choose ‘flexible’ filters. If your travel dates aren’t set in stone, and you have a little wiggle room available, chances are you can save some cash booking within +/- 3 days of your desired date range.

By Sujata