Ezeepay has emerged as a critical player in the fintech sector and has worked arduously to achieve economic growth, especially in rural India, with particular attention to empowering the feminist populace.

Mr. Rashid Ali (MD at Ezeepay) advocates financial inclusion and digital services for the women of rural India are necessary for achieving substantial growth. And ensure that Ezeepay continues to render comprehensive, secure, assisted payment and various banking solutions to businesses that offer mobile recharge, DTH recharge, bill payments, cash withdrawal, AePS, and more.

Along the same line, Ezeeypay has launched a scheme, apart from their Door-to-Door Services, to provide small-group loans only to women to help them set up their businesses. It is an initiative by the fintech firm to empower the feminist populace to make them financially stable and sow the seeds of entrepreneurship and startups. To attain the scheme’s benefits, the group should have a minimum of 10 women, and the loan amount varies from 10k to a maximum of 25k per woman. The repayment time of the same is weekly. It is a small endeavour undertaken by Ezeepay to bring the rural divas under financial inclusion to partake in the economy and, thus, help women’s empowerment.

Mr. Rashid said on occasion, ” a very famous scholar once said, ‘if you want your immediate future to be excellent, educate and facilitate the men of the family. But if you wish your generations to flourish, educate and encourage the women of the family.

Women are the building blocks of society, and fintech opens doors for inclusion in the financial market by enabling them to take charge of their economic well-being. With this launch, we aspire to contribute to the Indian government’s aim of fostering financial and social inclusion in rural India.”

By Rekha