AI Green-01

India, 11th November, 2022: While the world fights the battle of low economy and job loss, there are some sectors and some companies that are doing well. Logistics is one such area that is becoming increasingly successful. To cater to the surging demand, AI Logistix announced new job openings to add in their Last Mile Green Logistics Services.

To identify and resolve the everyday logistics and supply chain issues and become the LAST sMILE delivery partner through their Green Logistics Services, AI Logistix needs 100 Delivery Executives for their Electric 3 Wheelers & 2 Wheelers on an immediate basis.

By offering vacancies for AI Champions, the brand also intends to provide a productive work experience to those who will be hired, apart from fulfilling its requirement of getting the jobs done.

Talking about the same, Dr. Mamata Reddy, Co-founder & CHRO at AI Logistix said, “With the increasing demand in our sector, it becomes important to have good resources. We believe one can also aim at an expansion if they have the right team. With new members joining us, we will aim for something better for both our workplace and our customers.”

AI Logistix makes use of their Electric vehicles to provide negative carbon deliveries through their intelligent systems which optimise cost and improve service performance across India. The brand never hesitates to walk an extra mile for its customers.

The brand has been serving excellence since its inception and has grown by leaps and bounds. It is now looking forward to hiring some talented and dynamic people who are willing to give their best to make it grow more successfully as a brand.

By Rekha