5 products for your next weekend detox trip!

1. AirCase Anti-Gravity Backpack

If you’re looking for premium-looking backpack for carrying your essentials, that is light as a

feather, you’ve found the perfect product. Upscalio- owned Aircase’s Anti-Gravity backpack is crafted using patent technology based on ancient load-bearing practices and modern lab-tested functionalities. This backpack literally defies gravity.

2. Electric Kettle

A perfect companion for boiling water On the Go, a smart electric kettle is an ideal product to carry to your next weekend trip. With an electric kettle in your backpack, you don’t need to search for the next tea stall or dhabha stop for a tea break!

3. Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

Make long hours on road with the kids easy by carrying a double Wall Vacuum Insulated Food Jar.

This food storage container option is perfect to use as a portable meal carrier. Perfectly sized for a hotpot soup, cold salad, noodles, pasta, biryani, rice, upma, poha, dal khichdi, and all your one-pot meals, the insulated meal box makes an amazing On-the-Go meal carrier.

4. Earphone Carrying Case

Keep your earphones safe and clean with an Earphone Carrying Case and avoid misplacing your partner in crime, earphones on your next trip. When you carry your earphones in your purses and your pockets; when you leave them on your tables they also have a tendency of getting entangled, dirty, or lost. An earphone carrying case will guard, carries, store, and protects your earphones

from dirt and grime, and keeps them untangled.

5. Health Vacuum Bottle

Not a big fan of cold drinks or other hot beverages? No worries, vacuum bottles are your solution for

carrying juices and blended liquids. Carry homemade fresh juices to road trips without it getting

oxidized by carrying a Health Vacuum Bottle on your next trip which is easy and light to handle.

By Mansi